too drunk to watch – punkfilmfest



In may the annual punkfilmfestival “too drunk to watch” takes place for the 4th time at moviemento cinema.

21 short movies, documentaries, musicals and fiction movies will be shown, including 4 european premieres (O-Star, Records Collecting Dust, Bogota Punk + Sacrifical Youth) and 1 german premiere (We Are The Best).

On some days 2-3 (punk)singer/songwriter will play at the cinema. There will also be punkpizza on the opening night and 1 € cider all the time.

So, who needs the Berlinale, we have the Punkfilmfest!

4th Punkfilmfest „TOO DRUNK TO WATCH
6. – 10.5.2015 at Moviemento cinema

full schedule