molly nilsson


That we live in a world changed is beyond question. Since 2015’s “Zenith”, Berlin-based songwriter Molly Nilsson has surrendered to the world, traveling from Mexico to Glasgow, observing the changing socio-political landscape and imagining a better world. For an artist who has so successfully created her own environment and gradually let others in, her 8th studio album Imaginations sees Nilsson directly engaging with her surroundings, engendering change and allowing love in. Recorded in her home studio in Berlin with instrumental touches provided by Katja Navarra (Saxophone) and Sean Nicholas Savage (guitar), “Imaginations” dreams big, recasting storming, stadium-sized pop into the internal language of the solo auteur. “Imaginations” is not escapism, it’s a kaleidoscope and an alternative view, an agent of change.

On her new album “Imaginations” Molly is recasting her interior monologue as a prism through which to see the world, a means to live differently and to reject the status quo. We can Think Pink, change our destiny together. This is an optimism about the future when we need it the most. “New boys, new girls.. give me your smile and I’ll give you mine”. Clearly, we are living through a transformation but with alchemists like Molly Nilsson, we’re never alone in the process.

Record Release Show:

23.05.2017  21:00 at Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin

support: Dubais and Skiing